Vest therapies for airway clearance

Although there is no cure for bronchiectasis (BE), early detection and treatment will allow patients to have a better quality of life and prevent further lung damage.

Along with antibiotics and other medications, you’ll find that airway clearance therapies such as high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), or “vest therapy,” provide an effective, safe treatment for patients with BE.

  • An HFCWO vest rapidly oscillates against the chest, gently compressing and releasing the chest wall to create increased airflow within the lungs
  • This process thins and moves mucus toward the larger airways where it can be cleared by coughing or suction
  • Reducing mucus build up in the lungs helps reduce the frequency of infection and hospitalizations while also helping prevent further lung damage
  • HFCWO therapy does not require special skills—most patients are able to perform it on their own

Bronchiectasis Brochure for Practitioners (PDF)

Download the practitioner brochure which provides helpful information regarding clinical research on bronchiectasis, including its overlap with COPD, and improved clinical outcomes with HCFWO therapies.

Vest therapy devices

The Vest® Airway Clearance System

  • Delivers HFCWO therapy using an air-vest garment that creates airflow oscillations to thin and mobilize secretions from the airways
  • Easy to use, comfortable, and portable
  • Therapy data connectivity and at-home spirometry available

Monarch® Airway Clearance System

  • Revolutionary technology for mobile HFCWO therapy
  • Offers patients freedom to move about
  • Combines targeted kinetic energy and airflow to thin and mobilize secretions from the airways
  • Therapy data connectivity and at-home spirometry available

Connected in care

Some airway clearance devices include wireless transmission of therapy data that can be seen in a health portal, as well as a patient app so patients can also easily track their therapy.

With both the patient and the healthcare team having access to the therapy information, it helps patients stay motivated with their therapy and allows the healthcare team to see usage information and trends over time.

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