Breathe Again: An Effective Therapy For Patients With Bronchiectasis

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic coughing, congestion, and shortness of breath, this video could be life-changing. It’s a short, nine-minute segment from The Balancing Act, which airs on Lifetime and is hosted by Olga Villaverde and Montel Williams. You’ll see the story of Patti, who suffered for nearly 30 years until she discovered an effective, easy-to-use therapy that helps her breathe better and live better—and hear from an experienced pulmonologist, who shares how The Vest system has helped his patients.

Solutions for COPD and Bronchiectasis Patients

Solutions for COPD and Bronchiectasis Patients is an educational program that airs on the National Public Television Network (PBS) as part of the popular Healthy Body, Healthy Mind series.  Click below to view the full 30-minute episode to learn about Bronchiectasis and its symptoms from experienced physicians that diagnose and treat Bronchiectasis.  You will also hear from inspiring individuals that have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, and learn what they are doing to manage their disease so that they can get back to the important things in life.

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